Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Bye

I know I have to say good bye to you. May be i never said it or i did it but messed it up. But never mind because i know what i want to say to you. Today i am gonna say that to you.
so here it is …....
“ I know everybody said lots of things about you and all those things described you very well at least for most of the part. I just want to add one more thing . Some time back somebody told me that “whatever we do good, bad, right, wrong we do it for the people whom we love, we care about, our friends, families. We do all those things because we want to put smile on their faces.” Whenever i see you smile, you make me believe in that thought. So please please please keep smiling, keep the spark alive. Never let it go away from your face and from your heart. Because it really suits you. It will keep the faith alive for all those who know you, that whatever they are doing in there lives, it has a meaning (specially for me). And in the end i don’t know about anybody else but yes I’ll miss you.“
Note : - And if you are reading it now far far away from me then yes I am missing you .

Good bye .